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VdS - Vereinigung der Sternfreunde e.V.

            Welcome to the private website of Axel Thomas

    Sorry - so far this is a purely German-language site. I do not anticipate too many English-speaking readers
    so preparing a complete English version would just be too tedious.
    Even so - just take a look and if you have any questions please send an email to      
          astro(AT)geoatwork.de    Just replace (AT) with @

Zodiakallicht Atmospärische Phänomene Beobachtungen - Berichte - Impressionen
Sternwarten Sonne Lichtverschmutzung
Planetarische Nebel Finsternisse Veränderliche

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We are stardust.
Billion year old carbon.
We are golden...

Carpe noctem!